Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Money down the drain ....

Clinton lends her campaign 6.4 MILLION Dollars!!! That is a lot of money that could be spent on so many many things ...... granted its her money to spend as she sees fit but really .... think of the many many charities that could make a big difference in peoples' lives with such a figure. Instead this money is going to be spent on advertisements telling us how Barack is bad and Hillary is good, spent on filling up the gas tanks of tour buses and aeroplanes, the printing of fliers, banners, bumper stickers, badges, pins and many many leaflets. The world has precious resources and I'm not convinced this is a good way of using them. In addition to this, funding this faltering campaign makes the Obama campaign spend more money on the same things using more and more precious resources .... plus shouldn't this money be saved to battle the dinosaur in November.

I'm not sure I could trust someone with my taxes who is willing to pour their own money down the drain like this. Enough is enough!

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