Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Enough already!!

Enough ... please let this be the end of the road! After talking like a redneck, downing beers with whiskey chasers and proposing that a savings of $28 for the average gas guzzling American over the summer would make a difference, Hillary lost North Carolina and as of just now looks like she may hold Indiana ... but by the skin of her teeth!! Considering the battering Obama has been taking in the national media and he has done so well, this really should be over.

I am sad. Not because I am a fan of Hillary Clinton but because I am so sad to see a strong, incredibly bright woman prostitute herself politically in order to get elected. She has been brainwashed by the Washington political game to the extent that she has lost her own integrity. This is such a tragedy. I would have had so much respect for her if she had been positive, stayed true to her intelligence. Instead she pulled out anything she could find to fight dirty and sadly that included making a fool of herself: the Bosnia sniper fire tall tale was ludicrous; the remodeling herself as a member of the working class when she so clearly is an East Coast privileged member of the elite; the lowering of her IQ with statements like she doesn't believe in Economists (on her gas tax 'holiday'); the lowering of her sophisticated position as an intelligent woman to that of a girl who can drink beer and shots with the guys. It is all so incredibly sad.

So please, please let this be the end. I have no desire to see Hillary destroy herself further. She is such a talented woman and this country needs intelligent talented people right now, desperately. My only hope is that she has the self respect to bow out gracefully. My fear is that she won't and she will end up looking like a fool.

I am very pleased for Obama, I am also sad it had to come at such a price.

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