Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Storm clouds

The wind and rain tore at our little cottage last night. Winter is arriving today for what is likely a long visit. Temperatures are falling and hibernation seems like a very good idea.
My heart is heavy with the weight of the world today. The future's possibilties are only perceivable in negative today. I feel like I need some emotional fuel to get me through today. I wish I could just drive to my grandparents house and talk about nothing all day. And hear granda say "athing'll come aright in the end". Really, if he could keep faith through 4 years of a japanese prisoner of war camp, then I surely can in much lesser circumstances.
Sometimes it would be nice to have a crystal ball but only to see the positive. But then you would never have the thought of 'what was I so worried about' when what you are aiming for is achieved. Life is certainly a journey - it would just be nice to see a route map from time to time. So perhaps the best way to put it is life is a journey but we are only able to look backwards.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Peatbog Fairies

I am listening to celtic connections - radio scotland - on the internet and the first on the playlist is a band called the "Peatbog Fairies". They are from Skye and are a funk-celtic fusion band. I'm not sure how much I like their music but I love thier name!!. It makes me think of kelpies and the stories of the supernatural wee beasties of my childhood. I remember thinking how the twists and turns of heather must hide tiny homes with tiny magical lives inside. I remember some vague notion of girls who changed into seals by night and sprites who could put strange curses on you. This makes me want to dig up these stories. Who knows perhaps I will.
Oh no the next track on celtic connections is awful - a sort of country and western meets bad slow ballad meets tune that you kind of recognise but it doesn't quite fit - oh and there is a really dire accordian track in the background!!! Yeuch!! Time to put on some archives of GMS - aaaaah that's better. (how sad am I the little music bit (which is very dramatic!! - of course because it is news) is strangely comforting). I could almost be in Scotland - which I suppose raises questions about notions of what makes a country - can you be 'in' a country just through sharing the same media - or mediums? but then perhaps it only works if you have a memory/association to base such a claim upon. Or perhaps these are the normal witterings (yes, sad ones) of the expat!!
Pixies, Peatbogs, Kelpies, Fairies, Sprites - all much more palatable.
ps. told you I would be wittering!!!


Good sunday morning. The new areana of blogging has now been opened to me. Somewhere for me to empty the rubbish that polutes my thoughts. Somewhere for me to rant about the many issues in this world which make my blood temperature rise. Perhaps a place for me to write a bit of doric when homesickness kicks in. A place for me to create.

Today is new and open.
Today is positive.
Tomorrow is possibility.
Tomorrow is opportunity.

My mantra for the moment.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ooooooh technology - scaaaaary!!

OK, so this is my first attempt at this. I thought it might be a fun diversion to post my random witterings online so my friends and family will know what useless junk floats around in my cerebral dimension.
I hope this works.......