Sunday, November 13, 2005

Peatbog Fairies

I am listening to celtic connections - radio scotland - on the internet and the first on the playlist is a band called the "Peatbog Fairies". They are from Skye and are a funk-celtic fusion band. I'm not sure how much I like their music but I love thier name!!. It makes me think of kelpies and the stories of the supernatural wee beasties of my childhood. I remember thinking how the twists and turns of heather must hide tiny homes with tiny magical lives inside. I remember some vague notion of girls who changed into seals by night and sprites who could put strange curses on you. This makes me want to dig up these stories. Who knows perhaps I will.
Oh no the next track on celtic connections is awful - a sort of country and western meets bad slow ballad meets tune that you kind of recognise but it doesn't quite fit - oh and there is a really dire accordian track in the background!!! Yeuch!! Time to put on some archives of GMS - aaaaah that's better. (how sad am I the little music bit (which is very dramatic!! - of course because it is news) is strangely comforting). I could almost be in Scotland - which I suppose raises questions about notions of what makes a country - can you be 'in' a country just through sharing the same media - or mediums? but then perhaps it only works if you have a memory/association to base such a claim upon. Or perhaps these are the normal witterings (yes, sad ones) of the expat!!
Pixies, Peatbogs, Kelpies, Fairies, Sprites - all much more palatable.
ps. told you I would be wittering!!!

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Anonymous said...

Greetings, was googling one of my all-time fav bands, Peatbog Fairies, and saw your post. are missing out if you haven't heard this group's CD "Mellowosity", and my all time favorite piece called...amazingly enough, "Fairie Stories", only to be found on a collection of Irish music, called, "Untamed". I too, listen to Thistle and Shamrock every week. I live in Peoria Illinois, and although my last name is Irish, I've never been to Ireland. To you: Welcome to America. :-)