Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Storm clouds

The wind and rain tore at our little cottage last night. Winter is arriving today for what is likely a long visit. Temperatures are falling and hibernation seems like a very good idea.
My heart is heavy with the weight of the world today. The future's possibilties are only perceivable in negative today. I feel like I need some emotional fuel to get me through today. I wish I could just drive to my grandparents house and talk about nothing all day. And hear granda say "athing'll come aright in the end". Really, if he could keep faith through 4 years of a japanese prisoner of war camp, then I surely can in much lesser circumstances.
Sometimes it would be nice to have a crystal ball but only to see the positive. But then you would never have the thought of 'what was I so worried about' when what you are aiming for is achieved. Life is certainly a journey - it would just be nice to see a route map from time to time. So perhaps the best way to put it is life is a journey but we are only able to look backwards.

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