Thursday, May 31, 2007

Totally pointless and unimportant

Gwen has tagged me to reveal 8 interesting facts about myself. I apologise firstly - this may turn out to be highly dull and uninteresting as the subject is ME.

1. I was born with a third ear. My Dad flipped out because I, as his eldest, had to be perfect. As he was a doctor at the same hospital he organised a team of surgeon to remove said ear. The "ear" I must explain was more like a skin tag - it may have developed into an ear, I don't know but my Mum wasn't going to let me stay in the womb for another few months to find out (although by all accounts I was happy staying in there). So the surgeon tied a piece of string around my third ear and got ready with scalpel and bloop, it fell off of its own accord. So that's how I lost my perfect pitch at birth.

2. I have a fear of birds. Flapping birds throws me into a fit of squealing and rushing to escape. Dazza made me watch Hitchcock's "The Birds" - not one of his most romantic gestures....

3. Before I came to America, I had zero desire to ever visit America. I now live here and am even married to one. Never say never...

4. I once tugged the Queen Mother's skirt. I was five at the time and at Balmoral Castle. Prince Charles was coming home from the Falklands and the royals and the staff at the castle were all milling around. I as the granddaughter of one of the staff was milling around with the royals too. I saw a bright pink skirt and tugged it saying "Granny granny", looked up and saw the Queen Mum and screamed and ran for cover......

5. Sean Connery gave me $3,000 and I didn't even have to sleep with him (sadly). He has a Trust called the Scottish Education Trust that gives one off grants to Scots embarked on furthering their education in the Arts. So to come and do my masters he gave me $3,000!! Nice man.

6. I hate heavy metal. I mean the really heavy stuff. I hate Iron Maiden, Metallica and most of Guns and Roses. My sad admission is that I spent several of my teenage years pretending that I did like them. Dazza will attest that now every time he tries to get all nostalgic and play heavy metal I start bitchin'. So when he is at home alone I guarantee you the house is shakin' from him playing air guitar to Iron Maiden.

7. I used to suck my thumb ..... and sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't help myself because I'm asleep I still occasionally do....

8. Phew last one (I'm boring myself I think)... I love ab sailing. I have only done it once and I was about ten but I loved it. I can still remember the joy of letting go and jumping back off the cliff into nothing. One of my ambitions is to do it again.

I'm not going to tag anyone (gaaaasp - blogging fo pah....) because most of the non-Nola types have done this already and most of the Nola types don't participate in this tom foolery.
So paperback writer, Travelling Mermaid, Guilty With an Explanation, Longayelander, I Dream of Haggis, Sara B...... or anyone else
If you feel in the mood please reveal 8 facts about yourselves - if you don't, then have a good day and then blog about it - oh and please make it funny!!!


Gwen said...

Excellent Kirsty - Thanks. These are brilliant facts. I've never met anyone who had a third ear - Wow. And the one about the Queen Mother - worthy of a blog post all to itself. Great Stuff.

Valentine Suicide said...

Nice one Kirsty..
Was it a Wild Front-ear? (sorry).

You've won the prize on my blog. So pop on over to claim it..

Also, an American called Dazza? Who'd have thought it?

A Paperback Writer said...

My favorites are the Sean Connery and Queen Mum bits. Wow. What great stories.
I got to photograph Sir Sean himself when he was in the parade for the opening of the New Parliament Building in Edinburgh in 2005. (I also got a photo of Queen Liz's hat as she was driven past. But who else would wear a Peptobismal-pink hat, coat, and handbag? It's obviously the Queen, even though you can't see her face.)
Okay, I've made my list of 8 things on my own blog. I don't have any 3rd ear stories, but drop over and see if you think my list is more boring than you thought your own was. (I thought most of yours was quite fun.)

The Good Woman said...

All that shameless name dropping! More interesting than you think.

Katie said...

I love the bit about the queen.