Sunday, May 06, 2007

The French have Lost Their Heads!!!

This guy is now the president of France. President Sarkozy.

He and Angela Merkle will make a pretty couple and no doubt seek to steer Europe towards the right. With all the problems with immigrants and racism in Europe right now this is very bad news. This man is a slippery customer and will no doubt be serving up some tasty treats for the village idiot in the White House.

The left is still alive with 47% of the vote but licking its wounds. I hope that the left that was born out of 1968 keeps a close eye on this guy and they learn some lessons. Le Pen would have been much much worse but I am heartily depressed at the French. Maybe when he dissolves the 35 hour work week they will wake up to themselves. I cannot actually believe that part of the message he ran on was that he wanted to enable people to live to work!!!!!!!!!! I hope when the French realise how opposite this concept is to their lifestyle and culture they may remember where they lost their heads and resume thinking!!


Mo said...

I had a scarey phone conversation with a French "friend" last night who is very right wing. He was really pleased Sarkozy had been re-elected and commented that maybe he would sort out the suburbs and get the unemployed to do some work for a change. He then commented that Seine Saint Denis (a department where I lived for a year and still have several friends there) was a scarey place with all these "blacks", and that I wouldn't want to go there especially not by train!

There are some lovely places in SSD and many of my friends there are originally from North Africa. I kept my mouth shut as I didn't want to fight with him but I was appalled at his rascist attitude, unfortunately too common in France. Fortunately not all French people share his attitudes. I've met some lovely French bloggers.

The French are finding it increasingly hard to keep their lifestyle when the rest of the world is becoming more work orientated.Sarkozy has a lot of work on his hands. I find him really scarey.

Gwen said...

I too find this to be a rather worrying development. I hope that the French to not come to regret their decision. Another election result to keep an eye on I think.

adrastos said...

While I don't like Sarko, the French left's unwillingness to follow more closely the Social Democratic model in other parts of Europe was part of their undoing. Royal was implausible as a change agent and the Left has now lost 3 Prez elections in a row so they need to make some changes on their own.