Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Old Rab C Nesbitt Sketch - Hospital

This one's for Ashley - if you can understand this one I'll buy you a drink!!! ;)


ashley said...

OK. I give. I tried for 3 days...I get most of it. My Czech wife, who learned English in Glasgow, claims to be able to understand the whole thing, yet she won't translate it to me.

I think she's lying.

I, OTOH, admit defeat.

In the words of my favourite Irishman, Father Jack: "Feck, Arse, Drink".

Cursed Tea said...

Aww Ashley sounds like you've been tortured!!! I'll buy you a drink for your troubles - sometimes the fog of alcohol improves the understanding!!!

(he's my favourite Irishman too!!!)

HORIZON said...

LOL- loved it! Reminded me of when my brother suffered the same fate. We were playing Knights with our cousins out near their shed, "l crown thee Sir...". Anyway my wee cousin, same age as brother, 5 l think, dropped the axe- arghh. l cringe just thinking about it. I ran to get the Mums and he went to hospital. He survived and got away with stitches. Needless to say he has had to live with the jokes from family since. Dear God- an axe in the heed!
bests and hope you're doing well.