Monday, April 21, 2008

Amazed by Obama

It been a loooooooong time since I posted anything on this blog. So consequentially my appeal to Al Gore now looks ... well ... sort of pathetic ....

Since I last ranted on the democratic candidates we are now down to two - Clinton & Obama. Everyday Obama impresses me more and more and Clinton less and less. The chance of her becoming the nominee are so slim and yet she is willing to tear down Obama for all she is worth regardless of the advantage it gives to that old political relic, McCain. Maybe she thinks she would be more likely to be employed in a McCain administration than an Obama one.

I'm too scared and not a rosy optimist (hey I'm Scottish not American) enough to say that Obama will win in November .... but its possible .... I'm summoning my courage to have the audacity to hope.

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K & L said...

in about 8 hours, laura and i go to do our part to push obama closer to the office. the state's already showing tremendous turnout in early voting, particularly in obama-friendly counties, so i think the chances are better than good he may take the state. we'll see tomorrow, though.