Monday, June 11, 2007

"worst wee country" in western Europe

Apparently and in contrast to Jack McConell's phrase "the best wee country", Scotland is the "worst small country" in western Europe.
Shock, horror!!
You mean Scotland isn't better than Norway? Sweden? Denmark? Holland? Austria?

Ehmm. I'm nae surprised!!

We have a love of fried food that makes New Orleanian's look health conscious and there is a pesky gene going about that insists on knocking us down with heart disease - although it is given a hand by the amount of salt, fat and sugar that the population devours. So Scotland is hardly healthy ... yet?

OK so we are not making loads of cash either. But with our moaning whinging, "we couldnae dee it" attitude I'm not surprised. Hopefully we'll slowly see that Ireland is the model for Scottish economic growth - Oh yeah didn't I mention that Ireland, the country most Irish were dying (literally) to get out of, is doing far better than Scotland.

Scotland has a great deal of untapped potential. It has culturally a lot in common with the other small countries in western Europe. Its yet to be seen but maybe one day Scotland will start to gain in confidence and the wee country will be a wee bit further up the line to the title of "best wee country in the world".


adrastos said...

Also, I hear that Scots porn is terrible. That's where the Swedes and Danes top you. Damn, I'm sounding like Ray In New Orleans...

Katie said...

I read this article today too. I'm currently working for Scottish Enterprise, and obviously they were not happy about this.

I also believe that Scotland can do better. I know the folks at SE are working to come up with new ideas about how to support small businesses and improve Scotland's economy. Hopefully they'll find a way to tap into the wealth of talent in this country.

A Paperback Writer said...

Gee, my only complaints about living in Scotland were that everything in Edinburgh was so dang expensive... and well, the weather. I LIKE rain and cool weather most of the time, but there just wasn't enough variety for a desert girl like me. It never got really hot or really cold. July, October, and March all looked much the same.
Anyway, in spite of all its problems, I'd move back to Scotland in a heartbeat if I could manage it.

Gwen said...

I think you have hit the nail on the head with your comment on the "Cannae dae it" attitude. I have over the years in a variety of jobs, seen many a person with that attitude. No wonder we get nowhere. We have to, as a nation, get ourselves some confidence that we can work hard and build an efficient economy. How do we instill such an attitude? Maybe its down to teachers in schools and parents to start this off at an early age. If it doesn't happen we just won't get anywhere.